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About Us

We Believe... Gifting Is An Art!

The selection of a gift and its presentation is an art that requires time and thought. The goal of gifting is to ensure that the recipient's eyes light up when the gift is presented and that the gift, concealed under the wrapping, is perfect for them. Creating that WOW factor is an art in itself! All the gifts at The Whole Package have been created with this in mind...thoughtful, meaningful, exceptional!

We Believe... Giving Is Personal!

Gifting is so much more that just the physical exchange of objects - it’s a way to communicate and to send a message to the recipient of the gift.  Gifting is an expression of your appreciation and respect to all the influencial people in your life. Gifting doesn't have to be pricey or take up too much time - no matter your budget - afterall, it's the gift that counts!  No matter the reason or season, occasion or location, showing others that you care about them in even the smallest way sends a BIG message!  ... and isn’t that the idea? 

We Believe... There's A Basket For That!

What makes us different?  All of our standard gifts have been created with you, the giftgiver, in mind.  We have scoured the country looking for the best products, and have combined them to present you with options for everyone on your gift giving list.  We won’t stop there!  We continue to research and uncover unique items to broaden your options.  Check back often as we add new gifts continually.  If you're looking for something more personal, we can customize your gift.  We invite you to take advantage of this service so that we can help you send the most thoughtful gift to build and strengthen your relationships.

We Believe... You'll Love Partnering With Us!

Let us partner with you to make your gifting as easy as 1...2...3! We are good at what we do... and isn't that what you're looking for? Just call us and we guarantee that the service and gifts that we provide will keep you coming back for more...and more..and more!  With The Whole Package on your team, you never have to drag yourself though busy malls looking for that perfect gift. We do the shopping for you, and the wrapping!  We even take care of the delivery, so you can rest assured that the important people and events in your life never go unrecognized!

Our Vision is to provide you with exceptional gifts because helping you strengthen relationships in your life and business, is our business!